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16th Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival

For the 2nd consecutive year, the Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival focused exclusively on Cypriot musicians, giving them the opportunity to present their latest work to the public.  


The main mission of that year's event was to develop optimism and a climate of return to artistic production. The 16th edition provided the opportunity to musicians and bands with the subject of World Music and contributed to the continuation of the relationship that had developed between the audience and this kind of music. 


In the Festival that took place at SEK parking (behind the Rialto Theatre), more than 50 Cypriot musicians participated while for the first time, within the framework of the Rialto Residency, a Percussion Workshop for children was organized by Rodos Panayiotou and members of the Batukinio team. 


The Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival, which started by Rialto Theatre in 2006, is honored with the EFFE label 2019 -2021 (Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe) and is a member of the Forum of Worldwide Music Festivals. 

Sol Aurorae

A concert presenting the first album of composer Vassilis Philippou, titled Sol Aurorae, inspired by the musical traditions of the Eastern Mediterranean region.


Philippou’s contemporary modal music has its geographical roots in the wider Middle Eastern region. The album has received critical acclaim and positive reviews from Songlines and fRoots among others. 


Vassilis Philippou: voice, percussion

Michalis Kouloumis: violin, viola 

Giannis Koutis: oud, guitar

Meir Gassenbauer: ney

Marios Menelaou: double bass 

vp ensemble 1 - Vassilis Philippou.jpg
12.7 Tropos.jpg

Tropos Ensemble

A musical exploration across the yards of the Eastern Mediterranean region. Beginning from our small island, TROPOS musical ensemble will present a selected repertoire of songs and melodies from Cyprus, the Aegean Islands, Asia Minor and Istanbul, as well as original compositions by Michalis Kouloumis. 


Michalis Kouloumis: violin, artistic direction, Petros Kouloumis: vocals, laouto, artistic direction 

Pieris Kakouros: violin, Yiannis Mathaiou: violin, Theofanis Theofanos: violin, Moses Papamoiseos: violin, Iordanis Menelaou: laouto, Alexandra Pambouka: oud, Anastasia Zakynthinou: oud, voice 

Stelios Stylianou: politiki lyra, Yiorgos Hadjipapas: clarinet, Moses Marcou: clarinet, flute 

Yiannis Hadjinikolaou: percussions, kavalI Guest: Manos Stratis (double bass) 

Inquietudes of a quiet mind vol.3 I acapella solo loop (the band)

A performance based on the new album by Dimitris Spyrou, having strong experimental and performative elements, incorporating poetry and prose.


A fusion of contemporary music genres (hip hop /reggae /sampling / beat making / traditional and folk music) combined with traditional instruments and basslines on a journey across Cyprus, Egypt, Africa and the present. 


Dimitris Spyrou: voice, lyrics, beats, sampling

Andreas Rodosthenous: electric bass, loops 

Theodoros Polykarpou: baglamas, tzouras, mandolin, vocals

Christina Polykarpou: lyra 

3acapella solo loop.jpg
29 Nov19_1394 Jazz.jpg

Percussion Workshop for kids 

The Rialto Residency introduces a percussion workshop for children aged 6-12, led by Rodos Panayiotou and members of the Batukinio Percussion Band. 

Presenting authentic Brazilian percussion instruments, the workshop will offer a unique opportunity to children to get to know their special features, to listen, experiment with,  

improvise and experience the creative process. 

Eleonora Roussou - 
Hara (Joy) 

As suggested by the name "Hará" (Joy), the compositions and songs to be presented are inspired by human emotions: their capacity, their structure, their effectiveness.


My creative impetus is transparency, sharing and openness, consequently, these compositions are a moving amalgamation of life lived so far. 


Eleonora Roussou: flute, voice, Elias Ioannou: trumpet, Giannis Koutis: oud, guitar, mandolin  

Odysseas Toumazou: guitars, Christos Yerolatsitis: piano, Andreas Rodosthenous: bass, fretless bass, Stelios Xydias: drums 

Elenora Rousou.jpg
Morfitis Chunky Funky - George Morfitis.jpg

Chunky Funky

The band aims at involving the audience in the concert, not only as spectators, but also in the creative process of a live performance.


A song called The Game gives the chance to the audience to get “their hands dirty”, perform with the band on stage and control the music. Words that describe the performance: danceable, uplifting, groovy and fun for all ages.  


George Morfitis: conductor, keys, percussion, Elias Ioannou: trumpet 

Harris Ioannou: tenor, baritone saxophone, Christos Zenios: tenor, baritone saxophone 

Andreas Pantelis: keys, Ermis Michael: guitar, Rodrigo Caceres: electric bass 

Andreas Stefanou: drums, Rodos Panayiotou: percussion 

Amalgamation Project

A musical journey balancing between fresh Mediterranean sounds, melodies of the Balkan Mountains and the diverse sonic flavours of polyphony.


The band will perform cover versions of traditional songs, an amalgamation of the East and the West, as well as its own original compositions. The performance also features short stories and poems inspired by the women of Cyprus and of other Mediterranean countries. 


Vasiliki Anastasiou: voice, research, compositions 

Ermis Michael: guitar, arrangements, compositions, Michalis Kouloumis: violin,  

Rodos Panayiotou: percussion

Andreas Rodosthenous: bass 

Amalgamation Choir: Argyro Christodoulou, Myrto Aristeidou, Christina Antoniadou, Christina Papamichael, Annita Konstantinou 

amalgamation 2.jpg
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