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6th Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival

Officina ZOE

The Squares of Lemesos and Nicosia are going to filled by the melodies of Officina Zoe, the 1st participation of the 6th Ethnic Festival which organized by Rialto Theatre.


Officina Zoe was formed in the early 1990s by Lamberto Probo, Donatello Pisanello and Cinzia Marzo. It soon sparked off the revival of the Pizzica-Pizzica, one of the oldest and most fascinating /vibrant types of rhythm and traditional dancing in Salento.


Today Officina Zoe is the most popular expression of the Pizzica and Taranta also thanks to the film director Edoardo Winspeare's successful movies "Sangue Vivo"(Fresh blood) and "Il Miracolo"(The miracle ") featuring Probo as an actor as well as Pisanello and Marzo as soundtracks writers. Their soundtrack won them the prestigious award of Grolla d'Oro at the Saint Vincent Festival as well as the nomination at Nastro Argento.



Lamberto Probo - tambourine, tamborra, vocals

Cinzia Marzo - vocals, flutes

Donatello Pisanello - accordion

Luigi Panico - classic guitar

Giorgio Doveri – violin

Silvia Gallone - tambourine, vocals

Officina ZOE.jpg

Trio Khoury & Co

The 2nd participation of the Ethnic Festival is the 3 brothers Elia, Basil and Osama Khoury, forming the music group Trio Khoury. Three creative souls, fusing and performing original contemporary Middle Eastern works by the trio exploring diverse musical fabrics of the Middle East region along with musical elements from other cultures. These three virtuous artists have pushed the boundaries and capabilities of their instruments, they have drawn a cult of followers and listeners around the globe.


These three inspired musicians have travelled the world in search of a dream, fusing Classical Oriental and Arab music with the sounds of different musical traditions and cultures. The three borthers have pushed the technical limits & capabilities of their traditional instruments and have rejuvenated old forms of performance and reinvented new ones, attesting to the timelessness of the Arab Oriental Musical instrument.


Elia Khoury - outi

Basil Khoury - violin

Osama Khoury - kanonaki

Robert Guillaume - double bass

Youssef Hbeisch - percussions

Socrates Sinopoulos Quartet & Katerina Papadopoulou

When tradition meets world music Socrates Sinopoulos Quartet & Katerina Papadopoulou


The master of kemence Socrates Sinopoulos and gifted musicians who composit the quartet, John Kyrimkyridis (piano), Kyriakos Tapakis (oud) and Dimitris Emmanuel (drums) , present a new way of reading and adapting instrumental pieces and songs from the musical traditions of Greece, at the same time presenting their compositions and experimentation in the virgin area of contemporary creation having as a starting point the Greek

and the related to it musical traditions.


They are accompanied by the wonderful voice of Katerina Papadopoulou, one of the most important voices of Greek traditional songs, who handles comfortably particular local idioms and supports the repertoire in a variety of personal concert recordings and collaborating with major singers and musicians in the area.


Charbel Rouhana & Beirut Oriental Ensemble

The founder of the group and excellent outi player, Charbel Rouhana, develops the traditional forms of oriental music with elements of contemporary music.His melodies that include Mediterranean rhythms and sounds are known not only throughout the Arab world but to a wider audience internationally.

Lebanese composer, singer and musician, Charbel Rouhana is one of the few masters who shaped the Arab lute and its techniques. In 1990 he won the first prize of the Hirayama Competition in Japan for Best Composition entitled "Hymn of Peace", in the year 2000 he won the “Murex d’Or” as the Musician of the year, in 2007 he conducted and arranged the BBC3 World Music Awards winning Album of 2007 “ Al Muwashahat” and in 2011 he has been selected to participate in the Babel Med musical forum.



Antoine Khalifeh - violin

Ali El Khatib - irk

Abdul Fattah El Saadi - bass

Elie Ell Khoury – bouzouk

Kafeney Ethnic Ensemble

The band Kafeney Ethnic Ensemble emerged in 2008 at Limassol on the cooperation of Savvas Houvardas – guitar and Alkis Agathokleous – ney, zourna and supplemented by Giorgos Koulas – drums and Andreas Rodosthenous – bass.


Musicians with different sounds yet many common elements present mostly authentic pieces and selected adaptations sometimes influenced by the free expression of jazz and sometimes by the oriental traditions of the area.


Improvisation and melodiousness are the first impressions that impress the audience.

The tree guest musicians Pavlina Konstantopoulou – vocals, Theodoulos Vakanas – violin and Rodos Panagiotou percussions will enrich the



Ghada Shbeir & En Chordais

The internationally acclaimed Lebanese singer Ghada Shbeir who has received the BBC Award for Mediterranean Music (2007) collaborates with the group “En Chordais” (Prix France Music des Musiques du Monde 2008) in a repertoire that includes traditional songs of Lebanon, Syria and well known pieces of the Greek tradition. Her vocal breadth and her involvement with the music of the area make her one of the most important voices of the Mediterranean bringing fame on an international level. Shbeir’s collaboration with “En Chordais” began in 2001 and since then she has managed to win over the great audiences of large musical scenes in Greece, Europe and America.


Kyriakos Petras - violin

Kyriakos Kalaitzidis - outi, artistic direction

Drosos Koutsokostas - vocals

Vasilios Zopoglou - kanonaki

Petros Papageorgiou - percussions

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