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8th Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival

Ethno Cyprus

40 new virtuoso of traditional instruments, coming from all over Europe and the Arab countries, present a music result after their coexistance at the music-camp, being organized by the Cultural Movement “Epilogi”, in Cyprus. 


Through various musical workshops, the closeness

of the Arabic and European musical traditions arise.


Artistic Direction: Andreas Christodoulou



Within a program of staying and studying in the community of the Platres village,

a renewed reading of the musical traditions is being developed and a new common approach is being attained. This is expressed through a first concert at the Platres village and followed by a concert at the Heroes’ Square.


Kyriakos Kalaitzides - artistic director, oud

Mikaella Papachrysanthou - kanun, voice

Michalis Kouloumis - violin

Alkis Agathokleous - ney

Giannis Koutis - oud- voice

Petros Kizas - percussions

Entre Dos Aquas

Three great virtuoso present a flamenco program having influences from the African and Indian music, the jazz and also the traditional Gypsies’ music.

An exponential and heretical intervention to the traditional flamenco, that is impressive and seductive when hearing same. It’s a characteristic and exceptional example of the union of the musicians of the World.

Olivier Vayre - guitars, conocol, beat box

David Dutech - percussions, voice, beat box

Eric de Chalup - voice, guitar


Mika Karni & Kol Dodi Ensemble

A band with musicians coming from Israel, Morocco, Yemen and Ethiopia, is weaving traditional Israeli music, hymns, melodies and rhythms of Africa, into our times. A musical mosaic of countries, traditions and rhythms, which naturally carries the influences of each band member.


Mika Karni - voice, piano, violin

Yasmin Karni - voice

Oshrat Masala - voice

Ori Haim Winokur - bass

Shahar Haziza - percussions

Tomer Yeshayahu - bouzouki, guitar

Lisbon – Musical Documentary

The city of Lisbon unwinds through the sounds and melodies of the fados. Great interpreters like Mariza, the special voices of the Madredeus, Cristina Salgueiro, Celeste Rodriguez, the sister of the great Amalia, Cristina Branco and Duarte of the new generation, highlight the deep relation of the Portuguese with the music of the sentiment, the love and the passion, called fados.


Presentation: Costas Marabegias

Script/director: Panos Karkanebatos


Marseille – Musical Documentary

Marseille, one of the most important and historical ports of the Mediterranean sea, a centre of polyphonic traditions in the European South, is being excellently presented though the top voice band, named Lo Cor de la Plana, and also through other original interpreters, singing in the Occitan dialect, Marseille’s language.


Presentation: Costas Marabegias

Script/director: Panos Karkanebatos 


The band’s name has the meaning of sound, melody in the Farsi language, stating like this one of the basic ways of the traditional Persian music. This is a multi-cultural band having a big range of different musical traditions and influences of its members, being classified as one of the most original and inspired bands in Cyprus. The influences and routes of each member are being reflected through analogical and electro sounds and natural instruments, onto traditional ways and fanciful repertoire.


Navid Gholipour - didgeridoo

Alkis Agathokleous - ney

Giannis Koutis - oud, voice

Ravi Saundankar - tabla

Costas Lolos - violin

Nikolas Trifonos - contrabass

Lukasz Walewsky - trumpet

Manos Mathioudakis - electrical guitar

Rodos Panayiotou - percussion


Yiannis Haroulis

The closing of the 8th Ethnic Festival couldn’t have a better voice than this of the amazing interpreter from Crete. With a multimemberband of special and genuine musicians, Yiannis Haroulis is making us to travel to Crete and the whole Greek area, with songs that are touching both the tradition and today’s sounds.


Yiannis Haroulis, having a voice that reminds us the great Nikos Xylouris, manages to add colour and sounds of his homeland into the modern songs of the great Greek composers.



Costantis Pistiolis - wind instruments

Michalis Porfiris - cello

Pavlos Sinodinos - guitars

Panos Tolios - drums

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