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11th Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival

Fado Mediterraneo

Four musicians from Limassol join forces in a collective attempt to showcase and promote the urban Portuguese music in Cyprus, a music genre that carries a history of almost two centuries. Songs from various eras will be performed in a different, unique Mediterranean style.
Angelina Sotiriou: Vocals
Charis Psyllides: Mandolin
Costas Apokides: Guitars
Nicolas Tryfonos: Double bass


Havana Noche

6-member band transmitting the energy, enthusiasm and passion of Latin music. The band was formed in Cyprus by musicians from Cuba, Colombia and Cyprus. Their music is based on authentic Cuban music genres such as son cubano, salsa, cha cha cha.
Pedro Son Caliente: vocals
lex dward odriguez: piano, vocals
ichalis Michael: trumpet
Costas Challoumas:  upright bass
Alejandro Gonzalez: congas, vocals  
Constadinos Paouros: timbales, drums

Ethno Cyprus 2016

Forty young virtuoso instrumentalists playing traditional instruments (aged between 15-30) from European (Cyprus, Croatia, Belgium) and Arab (Egypt, Jordan) countries participate in this year’s traditional music camp. Within its framework, the musicians will attempt to unfold and discover the roots of their common music identity, while passing on to each other their own local music traditions. An original repertoire forming a concert that uniquely combines the music traditions of Mediterranean countries.
Artistic director: Andreas Christodoulou
Organised by: Euro-Arab Youth Music Centre



A concert presenting traditional songs and tunes from across Greece and Cyprus, Asia Minor and Istanbul. Through their own perception, aesthetics and knowledge, Santouto orchestrate beloved songs in an attempt to bring the audience closer to its own music tradition.



Veronica Aloneftou: Santoor

Charalambos Panteli: Lute

Constantina Xenofontos: Vocals, Percussions

Monsieur Doumani

The Alliance Française and the Rialto Theatre celebrate La Fête de la Musique with the international Cypriot band that rearranges Cypriot traditional songs and composes songs in the Cypriot dialect, inspired by the contemporary Cypriot society, the recent financial crisis and the corrupted political system. heir last album Sikoses reached No.1 in the Transglobal World Music Chart. Supporting band: Drumble Beats, a percussion group of teenagers under the guidance of their instructor, Roger Heinrich.
Antonis Antoniou: tzouras
Aggelos Ionas: guitar
Demetris Yiasemides: wind instruments



Introducing the newly formed 5-member  the band: a jazz bassist - owner of a traditional Cypriot coffee shop, a Polish trumpeter with a background in Drama Studies, a guitarist specialising in Social Anthropology of Sound, a percussionist who has been playing in skyladika stages (*dog clubs) across Greece and Cyprus since his teenage years, as well as an upcoming singer marking a stunning career success in night clubs across Limassol, establish a new music genre: “psychoskyladiko”. While preserving the original structure of the skyladiko music genre, they add a sound quality to their own compositions that juggles between surf/ska/reggae.
(*music initially introduced in the ‘70s and performed in the outskirts of big Greek cities in decadent clubs known as “dog clubs”).
Aristi Poulli: vocals
Yiannis Christidis: guitars, vocals
Lukasz Walewski: trumpet
Nicolas Tryfonos: double bass
Yiannis Lakkotrypis: drums

Rialto Residency: Traditional Eastern Mediterranean Music

Improvisation and composition in the eastern Mediterranean music traditions
Rialto Residency, conducted by Mihalis Holevas, will focus on techniques, forms and stylistic elements of the eastern Mediterranean traditions. Classical and popular compositions will constitute the starting point for different approaches towards improvisation. Without rhythm, enrythmos, rhythmic improvisation and the melodic gravity of these traditions will form the core of the debate - the act of the Residency aiming to enrich the improvisational vocabulary and synthetic ideas of participants.

24 IOYL16_021 Rialto World Music Fest.jpg


A world-fusion band from Bulgaria which uses folk instruments and intertwines them with drum ‘n’ bass, funk, jungle, rock and jazz and to recreate the harmonic beauty of Bulgarian folklore. Founded in 2002, Bulgara have received many local and international acknowledgments, for their work, including their compositions for film and theatre.
Kiril Dobrev: drums
Kostadin Genchev: kaval
Dimitar Hristov: tambura
Petyo Kostadinov: gayda
Hristina Beleva: gadulka
Eva Perchemlieva: percussion, vocals
Stoyan Pavlov: daul, percussion
Chavdar Asenov: bass
Dimitar Todorov Hristov: guitar

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