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12th Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival

Fête de la Musique

Alliance Française, the French Institute and the Rialto Theatre celebrate the World Music Day at an open event at Heroes Square, which combines many different music pieces with four distinct music groups.


For the music day, they have invited the Quartet Aléas a band from Toulouse, which, is the main band of this music celebration and it will give its own distinctive mark. The music of the band, is influenced by the common passion of its artists for oriental music and African sounds, sinks us into a warm and colorful musical universe. The band consists of Cyril Laurent (saxophone), Stéphane Guionie (guitars, ney), Mathieu Jardat (bass, double bass) and Xavier Guionie (drums, percussion).


The opening of the concert will be by the Drumble Beats, a teenage percussion group created in 2013 under the guidance of Roger Heinrich. Drumble Beats combine conventional drums and percussion with original and experimental instruments. Pots and plastic tubes blend in with drums, African djembe, typewriters, tin pets and electronic samples, creating a unique musical alloy and a distinctive personal sound.


The Cypriot American singer and oboist Theodosia Roussos will be joined by guitarist Michael Day and violinist Mira Khomik in an evening of folk music and jazz from around the world, with a special focus on Greek and Cypriot songs. The trio will be performing traditional songs from Cyprus, as well as songs of Theodorakis, Hadjidakis, Aris San, Cat Stevens, and jazz from France, Spain, Brazil, Cuba, Germany, and the United States in their original languages. Theodosia, Michael and Mira are all conservatory trained musicians who perform professionally in orchestras and jazz ensembles internationally, in addition to teaching at universities. This eclectic trio combines their knowledge of improvisation into their repertoire and have created an imaginative program for the World Music Day.


The Symphonic Band of Strovolos Municipality - European University Cyprus, with the conductor Yiannis Myralis, will also take part in the concert, which will give its own dynamic presents. The big band consists of students and professors of the music department of the European University of Cyprus, as well as individuals who are in a high musical level in a wind or percussion instrument. They will present original and arranged works from classical, jazz, pop, rock, cinematic and traditional music.

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The 12th Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival begins on Monday, July 17th, with the explosive band BandAdriatica. Carried by the whirling winds blowing along the shores of the Adriatic sea, BandAdriatica rows on the rough sea of traditional Salento music using Balkan and North African elements. It starts from the traditional brass bands usually playing at celebrations, funerals, parties, processions in Puglia, and traveling at night from town to town.


The journey expands and looks at the Mediterranean Sea like at a complex “Babylon”, where all the languages begin to harmonize around the popular melodies in the mestizo fervour of the ports. The traditions of Puglia, more glowing than ever beyond the sea of origin, take on a new resonance, thus taking far away the frantic echoes of Salento’s music.


10 years of investigation over the common musical origins of the Adriatic Sea’s shores (assimilating music from Albania, Macedonia, Croatia, Serbian fanfares, North Africa) and stretching far out toward eastern Mediterranean regions (Turkey, Lebanon and Armenia in the cd “Babilonia”).


Salento’s music is being filtered through the new sensitivity of the band’s crew, after collaborating with artists such as Bombino, Mercan Dede, Rony Barrak, Savina Yannatou, Chieftains, Burhan Ochal, Kocani Orkestar, Boban Markovic Orchestra, Fanfara Tirana, Eva Quartet and Cafer Naziblas.


Claudio Prima: Organetto, vocals

Emanuele Coluccia: Alto saxophone

Andrea Perrone: Trumpet

Vincenzo Grasso: Clarinet, tenor saxophone

Gaetano Carrozzo Trombone

Morris Pellizzari: Guitar, Saz, kamalè ngonì

Giuseppe Spedicato: Bass

Ovidio Venturoso: Drums

Abhisek Lahiri

The Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival, in collaboration with the Embassy of India in Cyprus, presents traditional Indian music by the award-winning Abhisek Lahiri and his musicians.


Notwithstanding the traditional essence which is one of the predominant feature of Indian Classical Music, Abhisek Lahiri, one of the youngest President Award Winning "A" grade sarod (traditional Indian instrument) artist of Prasar Bharati and Doordarshan.


Though he was trained under his eminent father and guru Pandit Alok Lahiri from a very tender age in the gurukul system, his approach of sarod playing belongs to the three major gharanas of Sarod which are Shahajahanpur, Senia Maihar and Senia Bangash.


Abhisek started performing in public at an early age of 11 years though he got his first break in national level in 1997 when he was invited by Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia to play at "Saath Saath Festival" and that year he also gave his debut performance abroad in Holland at the "World Kinder Festival" where he was named as an 'Wonder Kid'. That was just the commencement of an outstanding prodigy's lifelong commitment towards music which later laid to extensive concerts through Europe, U.K., U.S.A., Canada, Sri Lanka, Japan, Bangladesh apart from India.


He with his father Pandit Alok Lahiri possesses the dignity of performing as the first Indians at the Europe Parliament in France, Cannes World Music Festival and also in Canada Culture Days in Toronto. Abhisek has created an amalgamation with the Japanese Guitarist Hideaki Tsuji and his group Ionah which represents world music and has got worldwide recognition. Abhisek's music albums "Sparkling Sarod" got nomination at GIMA (Global Indian Music Awards) in 2010 and again in 2014 with his album "Mood Of Puriya Kalyan"

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Trio Tekke

The acclaimed Neo-Rebetiko group Trio Tekke makes a comeback at the  12th Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival with a strong new release, 'Zivo' is the title of the band's third album, which initiates their collaboration with London-based Anglo-Italian drummer Dave De Rose. This album marks a departure from the purely acoustic sound of their previous two records and it’s their first to consist of exclusively original compositions.


The band’s sound is enhanced by electric guitar, electric bass, effected tzouras, drums, percussion and some electronics, creating a genre-hopping cocktail of Greek Rebetiko-style tunes infused with Afrobeat, Cumbia, Acid Rock, Psychedelia and Jazz. The 13 tracks of the album produce a fresh sonic, stylistic and aesthetic outcome, which strengthens the band’s performance dynamic and makes it approachable for even more diverse audiences. They will present the album as well as older material from their albums 'a reggetika' and 'Samas', which has been reworked with the new setup.


Anthonis Antoniou: tzouras, vocals

Lefteris Moumtzis: electric guitar, vocals

Colin Somervell: double bass, electric bass, vocals

Dave De Rose: drums

Amalgamation Project

The 12th Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival hosts the group Vassiliki Anastasiou - The Amalgamation Project, in a concert featuring their first homonym album.


A trip that balances between the refreshing Mediterranean sound, the echoes of the Balkan mountains and the rich polyphonic sounds. They present adapted traditional songs, a amalgam of West and East, as well as their own compositions, with incipient little narrative stories / poems. The program also includes polyphonic songs without music accompaniment.


The Amalgamation Project band has been featured at the Rialto Ethnic Festival, Axiothea Festival, Aglantzia Festival, Paradise Jazz Festival and Windcraft Festival, at the first Cyprus Rialto Jazz and World Music Showcase and at the TRAKASOL cultural center.


Vassiliki Anastasiou: Vocals, research, syntheses

Ermis Michael: Guitar, Orchestrations

Alkis Agathocleous: Ney

Rhodes Panagiotou: Percussions

Paul Carvalho: Violoncello

Argyro Christodoulou: Vocals

Evgenia-Evangelia Chatzaki: Vocals

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Rialto Residency: Traditional Eastern Mediterranean Music

Improvisation and composition in the eastern Mediterranean music traditions
Rialto Residency, conducted by Mihalis Holevas, will focus on techniques, forms and stylistic elements of the eastern Mediterranean traditions. Classical and popular compositions will constitute the starting point for different approaches towards improvisation. Without rhythm, enrythmos, rhythmic improvisation and the melodic gravity of these traditions will form the core of the debate - the act of the Residency aiming to enrich the improvisational vocabulary and synthetic ideas of participants.
Andreas Lardis: Violin
Vasilis Filippou: Vocals, drums
Panayiotis Tsappis: Ney
Marianna Moumtzi: Canon
Stelios Pantechis: Lute

Soneros De Verdad

Rialto theatre closes the season and the 12th Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival with the extraordinary band Soneros de Verdad, presenting a journey through the musical diversity of Cuba, enchanting the audience with their energetic stage presence.


The group founded in 1999 and consider themselves the successors of Buena Vista Social Club, since four members of the group had been members of Buena Vista, including the legendary Pio Leiva. The six members of the group remain faithful to Son Cubano and perform both classic songs and original compositions. The extraordinary singer Luis Frank Arias is leading the group that successfully combines the old and the new.


Luis Frank Arias: Vocals

Leriosver Moracen Alemani: Trumpet

Nicolás Sirgado: Bass, Vocals

Sergio Veranes: tres cubano, vocals

Querol Aldana: Guitar, vocals

Vivo Barrera: Percussion

Fabián Sirgado: Congas, vocals

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