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17th Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival

Rialto Open Air @SEK Parking

17/7 - Sun 21:00

Choral singers from Europe and the Arab world will unite their voices with choral singers from Cyprus. Together, they will create a joint choir and will perform an original concert program that uniquely combines the musical tradition of their countries with songs dedicated to women and life.


With the participation of Choirs from Jordan (Nai Choir), Lebanon (Université Saint-Joseph Choir), Greece (University of Macedonia Choir), and Cyprus (Epilogi Choirs). 


Artistic Direction: Michalis Grigoriou

Conductors: Diana Talhami, Yasmina Sabbah, Michalis Grigoriou. 

Soloist: Polixeni Karakoglou from Greece. 


The choirs will sing and interact in different languages from different cultural and musical backgrounds and will draw on their diversity to present a homogeneous multicultural choir. 

BeFunky-collage (1).jpg

Idaeon Project
21/7 - Thu 21:00

The project’s musicians dive into the eternal cave of Cretan music drawing out original compositions that derive from the sounds of the Mediterranean Sea, and expand to flamenco, funk, prog rock, stoner and power metal.


Idaeon Project is currently completing the recording of their first album of the same title whose exclusively original material reflects an authentic identity and is characterized by a fresh sound, possibly unique in its kind.


The performers of Idaeon Project seek to present for the first time their tunes in their finalized arrangements, which will be enriched with live video art specially created for its material. 


Vaggelis Gettos: Cretan luth, voice
Hugo Enrique Olivos: drums, percussion
Mimis Sandalis: doublebass 

22/7 - Fri 21:00

Blunefé is a duet based in Cyprus, formed by Andreas Andreou (oud) and Christos Yerolatsitis (piano) in 2020.


The name of the duo comes from the blending of two different musical scenes that each separately has the ability to combine and balance elements from various music genres.


A word game between "Blues" and "Künefe" showcases the musicians’ open minds and ability to mix elements from Blues, Jazz and the music traditions of the Eastern Mediterranean region. The band's sound balances between the West and the East, in the same way that sour cheese blends with the sweet sugar syrup found in the well-known Künefe dessert.


The repertoire primarily includes original music, composed by the main group members Christos Yerolatsitis (piano) and Andreas Andreou (Oud). 


Andreas Andreou: oud
Christos Yerolatsitis: piano 

Nicolas Tryphonos: double bass
Omiros Miltiadous: drums 

Blunefe 1 - Christos Yerolatsitis.JPEG
Ελεονορα 2.jpeg

RIALTO Residency
Eleonora Roussou

Playing, singing, improvising!
23/7 - Sat 10:00-12:00

Discover the world of music-making in a 2-hour workshop with improvisation games and songs. We will make music, sing and improvise.


You will be needing: an instrument (wind/percussion), your own voice, and a playful mood!


Free participation.

For kids 8 – 14 years old.

Andria Antoniou & friends 

25/7 - Mon 21:00

A show combining music, dance and storytelling. A creative project investigating the unique ingredients and characteristics of the music identity of various cultures, embracing those elements that unite us all.


Wanderlust is a long-term creative project featuring a diverse team of musicians, from different parts of the world.


Alongside their own creative arrangements of songs from around the world, the band will also perform a selection of original songs by Andria Antoniou, and music composed by Argentinian composer Roman Gomez from their latest collaboration album titled Encuentro.


Andria Antoniou: voice, loop, hand percussion, direction

Andreas Panteli: piano

Andreas Rodosthenous: bass

Rodos Panayiotou: percussion
Michalis Kouloumis: violin

Andria (2) 300dpi - Andria.jpg
27.7 goodDSCF2970-min - Kalesma Kalesma.png

27/7 - Wed 21:00

Kalesma is a newly established six-member vocal ensemble that focuses on vocal performance and research of Cypriot and Greek folk/traditional music.


Moreover, it performs original compositions, aiming at bridging local traditions with contemporary creation.


Discourse and references to Cypriot folk poetry acquire a prominent role in the music of Kalesma. 


Kalesma’s project The Birdsong introduces soundscapes from the Eastern Mediterranean region, focusing on the Cypriot music and poetry arranged for 6 voices.


With Vassilis Philippou, Savvas Lagou, Paris Paraschos, Freideriki Tombazou, Katerina Paraschou and Anastasia Zakinthinou.

Batukinio Percussion
Band and Guests

28/7 - Thu 21:00 

Batukinio Percussion Band in collaboration with prominent guest musicians will perform an authentic music show presenting a well-known world music repertoire.


Batukinio’s distinctive timbres will add a vibrant hue to the show, impressing the audience with their dynamic stage performance to the rhythms of Samba Batucada and Samba Reggae.


The band was formed in 2009 by percussionist Rodos Panayiotou counting, to this date, 40 members. 


Rodos Panayiotou: percussions

Evelthon Michaelides: bass

Yiorgos Krasidis: saxophone
Elias Ioannou: trumpet
Marios Papares: saxophone

Andreas Theocharous: tuba
Andria Antoniou: vocals
Members of Batukinio Percussion Band

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