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The World Music Festival, which has been distinguished with the EFFE Label 2022-2023, is a unique intercultural event in Cyprus, uniting artists, audiences and arts across borders and restrictions. It is a platform of support, communication and promotion for musicians who share the enthusiasm of music creation and enhances the mobility of artists from countries that sometimes act as a deterrent to artistic creation and dialogue.


With its inclusion in the Forum of World Wide Music Festivals (FWMF) the festival turned mainly to the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries, deciding that such an identity is essentially determined by the geographical, historical and cultural relations between the countries of the region, which have been imprinted in their musical traditions.


The Festival welcomes bands and musicians who share a rich cultural past but also develop a contemporary musical present with common starting points and influences, holding a series of events -mainly musical- that draw their inspiration from the tradition of each country around its region, Mediterranean. In this context, similarities and differences emerge and of course Cyprus stands as a bridge between them.

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