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Trio Khoury & Co

Date: 08.07.2011   Heroes' Square


Trio Khoury & Co at Ethnic Festival


The 2nd participation of the Ethnic Festival is the 3 brothers Elia, Basil and Osama Khoury, forming the music group Trio Khoury. Three creative souls, fusing and performing original contemporary Middle Eastern works by the trio exploring diverse musical fabrics of the Middle East region along with musical elements from other cultures. These three virtuous artists have pushed the boundaries and capabilities of their instruments, they have drawn a cult of followers and listeners around the globe.


“The brothers Elia, Basil and Osama Khoury, ever faithful to the great tradition of Classical Arabic music have never ceased to explore the inventive nature of that art. They belong to a generation of musicians whose musical journey emanate from the tradition of classical court musicians such as the Grand Ziryab (784-857) whom has left his mark across, from Abbasid Baghdad to Umayyad Cordoba. “There was a time when art, music and songs played a nationalistic and institutional role in an East that was all the same Arab, Greek, Persian and Turkish”. Alain Weber (World Music Programming consultant at La Cité de la Musique, Salle Pleyel & Musée du Quai Branly – Paris, Artistic Director of Le Festival Les Orientales- France & Portugal)


These three inspired musicians have travelled the world in search of a dream, fusing Classical Oriental and Arab music with the sounds of different musical traditions and cultures. The three borthers have pushed the technical limits & capabilities of their traditional instruments and have rejuvenated old forms of performance and reinvented new ones, attesting to the timelessness of the Arab Oriental Musical instrument.


Grounded in the Grand tradition and heritage of Arab Oriental Music, Trio Khoury have sought to bring classical Oriental music into the contemporary music scene. Their fusion of oud, qanoun and oriental violin with Flamenco, Celtic, Indian and Jazz has drawn a cult following of performers and composers across Europe and the Middle East such as the great Flamenco master, Enrique Morente. Now living in France, Trio Khoury are attracting a devoted following of Classical, Classical Oriental and Contemporary Music lovers alike.


Their live performances throughout Europe, the Arab world, Africa and the rest of the world “ are nothing less than remarkable concert events, taking the audience on a magic carpet ride of sound and emotion”.

“  They elevate in a common heritage and an expertise in the art of composition, while maintaining acoustic intimacy and a passionate rigor in the execution. This is the art of this Trio whereby, the Khoury Brothers, brought about by their own virtuosity, are able to convey in the quest for harmony the traits that animate any true artist”. Alain Weber Trio Khoury composed and performed the sound track of the first ever German silhouette feature film, By Lotte Reiniger made in 1926 containing of approximately 100,000 pictures, “The Adventures of Prince Achmed”. They have also composed and performed the soundtrack of Jon Steeles’

Documentary feature, “No Shoof Camera”.



Elia Khoury - outi

Basil Khoury - violin

Osama Khoury - kanonaki

Robert Guillaume - double bass

Youssef Hbeisch - percussions |


Thursday, 7th of July – Sports Park Agiou Andrea, Nicosia

(The performance is held in Nicosia in collaboration with the Municipality of Nicosia, within the framework of the event "Summer Nights")


Friday, 8th of July – Heroes Square, Lemesos


Free Entrance - Performances commence at 20.30

Information: 77 77 77 45 - /

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