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Soneros De Verdad

Date: 31.07.2017      Time: 20.30     Heroes' Square - Limassol

Rialto theatre closes the season and the 12th Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival with the extraordinary band Soneros de Verdad, presenting a journey through the musical diversity of Cuba, enchanting the audience with their energetic stage presence.


The group founded in 1999 and consider themselves the successors of Buena Vista Social Club, since four members of the group had been members of Buena Vista, including the legendary Pio Leiva. The six members of the group remain faithful to Son Cubano and perform both classic songs and original compositions. The extraordinary singer Luis Frank Arias is leading the group that successfully combines the old and the new.


Luis Frank Arias: Vocals

Leriosver Moracen Alemani: Trumpet

Nicolás Sirgado: Bass, Vocals

Sergio Veranes: tres cubano, vocals

Querol Aldana: Guitar, vocals

Vivo Barrera: Percussion

Fabián Sirgado: Congas, vocals

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