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Rialto Residency

28.07 - (20:30) @Lofou, Free Entrance

The Rialto World Music Festival continues this year its activities of Rialto Residency. Since 2012 the institution of Rialto Residency takes place in villages in the district of Limassol. A music program of cohabitation where Cypriot musicians meet and collaborate with guest artists from abroad. Through residence and joint study of artists, develops a renewed reading of various musical traditions, aiming at a new joint approach.


For the second consecutive year Rialto Residency travels to the beautiful village Lofou, in collaboration with Lofou Community Counicil. Coordinated by saxophonist Hayden Chisholm from New Zealand, this year’s residency collaborates also with Windcraft Loud organisation and focus on wind instruments. The objective of the residency is to explore the technical capacity of wind instruments and their potential orchestration patterns and combinations within an ensemble. The residency will also focus on musical traditions in which wind instruments play a leading role, such as the music of the Balkans and New Orleans.


Rialto Residency will take place in Lofou from the 28th of July to the 1st of August in collaboration with Windcraft Loud cultural association and the Lofou Community Counicil. To present their collective work, participants will give a concert  οn the 1st of August in  Lofou and later on the 11th of August at Windcraft Music Fest at Katidata village.


Elli Michael - saxophone

Christos Zenios - saxophone

Nicolas Georgiou - saxophone

Christos Loizides - trumpet

Yiannis Koudounas - trumpet

Stephen Walkley - trombone

Lefteris Lefkatis - percussion

Christopher Constantinou - percussion

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