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13th Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival

An open air colorful meeting! @ Heroes Square


Rialto Theatre hosts, every summer in July, groups and musicians from all over the world at Heroes Square. The multicultural World Music Festival aims to create a musical board between the audience and the music of different traditions. The Festival presents every year music groups with common starting points and influences that draw their inspiration from the tradition of each country and Cyprus appears as a bridge between them.


The Festival remains as a meeting point of music groups and sounds from different countries, and this year is expanding even more, hosting groups from countries that participate for the very first time at Rialto World Music Festival. Such as the Fourth Moon quartet with musicians from Scotland, Italy, Austria and France who will present their own music, which is rooted with Scottish and Irish musical tradition, develops its own character including classical and jazz influences up to musical traditions of Eastern Europe.


The music band Dikanda is coming right away from Poland to draw inspiration from traditional folklore sounds from the wider East, Balkans, Israel, Kurdistan, and from Belarus to India. Last but not least, Mercedes Peón, one of the most charismatic performers of the contemporary world music scene, will introduce us to the music melody of Galicia. Following the ancient rhythmic motifs, and having a polyrhythmic style, her compositions create a special atmosphere full of energy, with an electro-acoustic complexion, in which she leaves her own personal mark.


Ethno Cyprus, the traditional music camp which is organized by the Euro-Arab Youth Music Center - about 40 young traditional instrument artists from European and Arab countries participate - will present, at the opening night of the 13th Rialto World Music Festival, a concert - sample of their joint work, by combining the musical traditions of the Mediterranean countries.


Moreover, also in this year’s edition we will have the chance to attend and listen to groups from the local music area. The very well-known group Monsieur Doumani, who mainly focuses on the adaptation of traditional Cypriot songs, adding to them a special contemporary color and sound, will participate at the festival.


Also, Nicolas Tryfonos Quintet appears at the Festival for the very first time. The group will present original compositions and melodies orchestrated in its style, which is traversed by the paths of jazz art and the traditional music of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Balkans. Macumba, the explosive group, which presents a different approach to Latin rhythms - mainly African-Caribbean & Brazilian - through a contemporary jazz aesthetic perception will appear at the Festival too.


The Rialto World Music Festival continues its activities of Rialto Residency, under the artistic director of the well-known Greek musician Michalis Cholevas, focusing on techniques, forms and stylistic elements of traditions in the eastern Mediterranean. The participant artists will present a concert sample of Rialto Residency on the 21st of July at Lofou Community Hostel.


With all its events open to the public, the Festival remains a colorful meeting of musicians and viewers of different nationalities.