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Tanu Weds Manu - Indian Summer Cinema

Date: 3.07.2017      Time: 20.30     SEK Parking Space (behind Rialto main building)

A Bollywood romantic comedy in which a London-based doctor Manu (Dr. Manoj Sharma) returns home to Delhi and, in the company of his parents, goes to meet his prospective bride, Tanu.  Though he does approve of her, Tanu tells him that she already has a boyfriend and plans to marry him even against her parents' wishes. Manu informs his parents, and they set about to see other girls for their son - albeit in vain - as he has his heart set on Tanu.


Hawaa Hawaai  - Indian Summer Cinema

Date: 10.07.2017      Time: 20.30     SEK Parking Space (behind Rialto main building)

A Bollywood movie which centres around a young boy, Arjun, and his journey towards being a champion skater. After his father's death Arjun moves to Mumbai and starts to work in a tea stall. As much as he would like to skate, he finds the skates too expensive so his friends make a pair of skates for him out of garbage and call it hawaa hawaai. Aniket, a skating coach, gets impressed by Arjun and decides to guide him through skating and through life.  With English surtitles.

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