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Officina ZOE

Date: 05.07.2011    Heroes' Square

Voices and sounds from South Italy


The Squares of Lemesos and Nicosia are going to filled by the melodies of Officina Zoe, the 1st participation of the 6th Ethnic Festival which organized by Rialto Theatre.


Officina Zoe was formed in the early 1990s by Lamberto Probo, Donatello Pisanello and Cinzia Marzo. It soon sparked off the revival of the Pizzica-Pizzica, one of the oldest and most fascinating /vibrant types of rhythm and traditional dancing in Salento.


Today Officina Zoe is the most popular expression of the Pizzica and Taranta also thanks to the film director Edoardo Winspeare's successful movies "Sangue Vivo"(Fresh blood) and "Il Miracolo"(The miracle ") featuring Probo as an actor as well as Pisanello and Marzo as soundtracks writers. Their soundtrack won them the prestigious award of Grolla d'Oro at the Saint Vincent Festival as well as the nomination at Nastro Argento.


Officina Zoe have not only triggered off the revival of Pizzica, they have also broadened their repertoire of songs and music gallery with their original tracks which preserve the spirit of social dance in its traditional forms. This is why they are rightly seen as the "healthy carriers" of an old style which still thrives and continuously changes. Officina Zoe today pride themselves in taking part in the most important national and intenational music events, such as Womex in Berlin, the Festival In Villa Ada in Rome (where they have taken part for 10 editions), the Premio Tenco in Sanremo, the Womad di Peter Gabriel in Palermo, the Festival "I suoni delle Dolomiti" in Trentino, and music essay "Voix de femmes" in Brussels, just to name a few.


Among Officina achievements, there are several artistic and theatrical collaborations (with Pamela Villoresi, Teatro Argot, Domenico Carli), cinema (with Edoardo Winspeare, Pippo Mezzapesa) and music.


In the music world they are also notable for their extraordinary experience with Ominostanco - sound manipulator, Don Moye - well known afro jazz exponent and talented drummer of the ArtEnsemble of Chicago and Baba Sissoko, a multi-instrumentalist of an international fame as well as a key representative of Mali music.


Over the years, some musicians from Salento have joined Officina Zoe, playing alongside the main and creative members of the band, Lamberto Probo, Donatello Pisanello e Cinzia Marzo. After building up experience within the band,they have then moved on from Officina Zoe taking with them Officina's unique style and developing their own personal style either as soloist or joining/forming new bands. The records production of Officina Zoe have inspired several other artists who have re-launched classic songs from the traditional music of Salento.



Lamberto Probo - tambourine, tamborra, vocals

Cinzia Marzo - vocals, flutes

Donatello Pisanello - accordion

Luigi Panico - classic guitar

Giorgio Doveri – violin

Silvia Gallone - tambourine, vocals


Monday, 4th of July – Phaneromenis Square, Nicosia

(The performance is held in Nicosia in collaboration with the Municipality of Nicosia, within the framework of the event "Summer Nights")

Tuesday, 5th of July – Heroes Square, Lemesos


Free Entrance - Performances commence at 20.30

Information: 77 77 77 45 - /

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