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Neta Elkayam

Date:  22.07.2014  Time: 20.30   Heroes' Square - Limassol

"Inspired by their childhood, and as a gesture to Jewish artists from North Africa, Neta and Amit created two music videos that have been uploaded to the internet, garnering much praise and curiosity. From there, the two began to put together a musical performance with musicians that were raised on the same music. Today, they are the young generation which is spearheading the revival of Moroccan music in Israel.


With one foot in the past, and all the while continuing to deepen their understanding the music, the group sought to revive Moroccan music at exactly the point at which it was halted. However, they also sought to remain true to themselves: the children of Jews from the Maghreb, with a desire to continue and propel the music into the future, and write new arrangements for material that is relevant to today.


Thus, the "Howa Jani" performance was born. The show is based on new arrangements of Moroccan songs, with an emphasis on the Jews of Morocco, which are based on archival recordings and old records that the performers have acquired through collectors and the internet. The show also features original pieces.


Howa Jani ("Here It Comes To Me" in Moroccan Arabic) is the name of an original song from the performance, written by Neta Elkayam and Amit Hai Cohen.


Due to its unique ensemble, "Howa Jani" manages, alongside the classics that are played in new and refreshing versions that immediately capture every ear, to set a new musical standard of tradition and innovation. Each one of the artists carries they're own personal language, yet also leans on the tradition of their teachers, turning the performance into a relevant and interesting contemporary musical experience.


Even the original songs, written in Darija (colloquial Moroccan), aspired to remain as faithful to the contemporary version (based on the original) as possible, to reach a wider crowd, to connect between the different Maghrebi communities (Jews and Muslims) in the diaspora through music and to expose it to as many people as possible"


Neta Elkayam: voice

Amit Hai Cohen: piano

Elad Levi: violin

Netanel Ben Shitrit: darbuka

Moshe Bakhar: oud





Free Entrance

Performance commence at 20.30

77 77 77 45


(19/7 - Kouklia  Pafos within the framework of the Animafest & 21/7 – Nicosia)

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