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Marseille – Musical Documentary

Date: 19.07.2013   Heroes' Square

Marseille, one of the most important and historical ports of the Mediterranean sea, a centre of polyphonic traditions in the European South, is being excellently presented though the top voice band, named Lo Cor de la Plana, and also through other original interpreters, singing in the Occitan dialect, Marseille’s language.


We simultaneously meet with the musical Sephardim traditions of the Jews, and the pop songs of the Mediterranean of the 50’s and the 60’s, coming from Naples, Alger, Cairo, Corsica and Andalusia.



Presentation: Costas Marabegias

Script/director: Panos Karkanebatos



Duration: 52’

From the series of the award-winning documentaries of ERT

Mediterranean - a production of VERGI Film productions’.

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