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Date: 10.07.2014    Time: 20.30   Heroes' Square - Limassol

The Korrontzi group is famous for its dynamic and modern results, similar to the Celtic music, highlighting the Basque’s traditional music through instruments like accordion and a combination of various oboes.



Agus Barandiaran: trikitixas (accordion), txalaparta, voice

Ander Hurtado de Saratxo: percussions, txalaparta, drums

Kike Mora: double bass, electric bass, vocals

Alberto Rodríguez: guitar, mandolin, octave mandolin, vocals


(9/7 @ Pafos’ Love Square within the framework of the collaboration with Pafos2017)


Korrontzi were created by Agus Barandiaran in 2004 in Mungia (Biscay). They became soon a well-structured folk band and their debut was followed by the first ovations. Korrontzi’s governing principle is to enrich Basque folk music and also ancestral and traditional sounds with a touch of contemporaneity but always from the perspective of a music deeply rooted in the trikitixa (Basque diatonic accordion). Korrontzi are Basque traditional music accompanied by today’s technique and helped by the union of modern instruments.


Korrontzi introduce their fourth album, “Tradition 2.1”, they recorded in several studios located in many countries around the world. In their fourth record, “Tradition 2.1”. Korrontzi gives us a cosmopolitan vision, a Basque traditional music seen from the angle of a trikitixa merging with music from very different cultures and countries. Trikitixa is the heart, root and central trunk of a tree whose multicoloured leaves draw their strenght from the strong branches. Thus, trikitixa’s sounds are strengthened, magnified, adorned and protected... The final result of this album is fascinating. Many (16) and varied songs always filled with the same cheerfulness.


Flamenco mixed with fandango, Fado and noisy porrusalda, arin-arin and Italian sounds, biribilketa and Galician music, Sicily merging with the joyful kalejira, Sardinia, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Scotland, Asturias, Catalonia, France... Everything is like interlaced by a natural sea link. Korrontzi decked out musical tradition in dazzling modern tunes. The band immerses us into tradition with today’s temperance and vitality. Adventurous musical routes whisper into our ears sharpened by Agus Barandiaran’s forward looking mentality. This is the great itinerary of an agitated travel.




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Performance commence at 20.30

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