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Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival  

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13th Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival 2018


Thirteenth  years are completed since RIALTO Theater introduced a series of open air music events at Heroes Square, with the primary goal of developing and cultivating tolerance and acceptance of diversity. Since then the colorful Ethnic Festival has grown, diversified and renamed to Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival, but it still remains a meeting of music groups and sounds from different countries.


Since 2011 the Festival has been a member of the European Forum of World Wide Music Festivals and for the second consecutive season the festival is honored with its inclusion in the 17 Cypriot Festivals that have joined EFFE - Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe. This is an important achievement of the Festival in the «European Cultural Map», which offers new perspectives for cooperation and further development.


Rialto Theater hosts, in July every summer, groups and musicians of the World at Heroes Square. The multicultural Wold Music Festival, aiming to creat a musical conversation  between audiences and music of different traditions and influences, takes its stage in front of the theater, thus emerging music with common starting points and influences that draw their inspiration from the tradition of each country and of course, Cyprus projects as a bridge between them.


With all its events being open to the public, the festival itself is a colorful music meeting, attended by not only musicians from different countries but also viewers of all nationalities who either live permanently or occasionally visit our country.

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