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Fête de la Musique

Date: 21.06.2016      Time: 19.30     Heroes' Square - Limassol

Alliance Française, the French Institute and the Rialto Theatre celebrate the World Music Day at an open event at Heroes Square, which combines many different music pieces with four distinct music groups.


For the music day, they have invited the Quartet Aléas a band from Toulouse, which, is the main band of this music celebration and it will give its own distinctive mark. The music of the band, is influenced by the common passion of its artists for oriental music and African sounds, sinks us into a warm and colorful musical universe. The band consists of Cyril Laurent (saxophone), Stéphane Guionie (guitars, ney), Mathieu Jardat (bass, double bass) and Xavier Guionie (drums, percussion).


The opening of the concert will be by the Drumble Beats, a teenage percussion group created in 2013 under the guidance of Roger Heinrich. Drumble Beats combine conventional drums and percussion with original and experimental instruments. Pots and plastic tubes blend in with drums, African djembe, typewriters, tin pets and electronic samples, creating a unique musical alloy and a distinctive personal sound.


The Cypriot American singer and oboist Theodosia Roussos will be joined by guitarist Michael Day and violinist Mira Khomik in an evening of folk music and jazz from around the world, with a special focus on Greek and Cypriot songs. The trio will be performing traditional songs from Cyprus, as well as songs of Theodorakis, Hadjidakis, Aris San, Cat Stevens, and jazz from France, Spain, Brazil, Cuba, Germany, and the United States in their original languages. Theodosia, Michael and Mira are all conservatory trained musicians who perform professionally in orchestras and jazz ensembles internationally, in addition to teaching at universities. This eclectic trio combines their knowledge of improvisation into their repertoire and have created an imaginative program for the World Music Day.


The Symphonic Band of Strovolos Municipality - European University Cyprus, with the conductor Yiannis Myralis, will also take part in the concert, which will give its own dynamic presents. The big band consists of students and professors of the music department of the European University of Cyprus, as well as individuals who are in a high musical level in a wind or percussion instrument. They will present original and arranged works from classical, jazz, pop, rock, cinematic and traditional music.


Major Sponsor: OPAP

Sponsor: Cyprus Tourism Organisation

Media Sponsor: Kanali 6


With the cooperation of the Municipality of Limassol




Free Entrance

Performance commence at 19.30

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