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Entelea is an experimental project based on the Eastern Mediterranean music having its own unique style and approach. The three renowned musicians, fully conscious of their (aesthetic) limits, they know exactly what they want to present. Their skills, knowledge and experience correspond to structures that have been based on the development of a variety of melodies, with apparent lyricism, but also improvisational freedom. The compositions of Spyridakis, Koutis and Karapatakis are not simple in their conception or form: with Eastern elements, their music is carefully mixed with Western influences, acquiring a broader dimension as it evolves. The three musicians will present their own compositions, as well as arrangements.



Gabriel Karapatakis – Bass

Zacharias Spyridakis - Cretan Lyra

Giannis Koutis Outi/Kithara

Thursday 9/7, ENTELEA (21:00)