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The 12th Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival begins on Monday, July 17th, with the explosive band BandAdriatica. Carried by the whirling winds blowing along the shores of the Adriatic sea, BandAdriatica rows on the rough sea of traditional Salento music using Balkan and North African elements. It starts from the traditional brass bands usually playing at celebrations, funerals, parties, processions in Puglia, and traveling at night from town to town.


The journey expands and looks at the Mediterranean Sea like at a complex “Babylon”, where all the languages begin to harmonize around the popular melodies in the mestizo fervour of the ports. The traditions of Puglia, more glowing than ever beyond the sea of origin, take on a new resonance, thus taking far away the frantic echoes of Salento’s music.


10 years of investigation over the common musical origins of the Adriatic Sea’s shores (assimilating music from Albania, Macedonia, Croatia, Serbian fanfares, North Africa) and stretching far out toward eastern Mediterranean regions (Turkey, Lebanon and Armenia in the cd “Babilonia”).


Salento’s music is being filtered through the new sensitivity of the band’s crew, after collaborating with artists such as Bombino, Mercan Dede, Rony Barrak, Savina Yannatou, Chieftains, Burhan Ochal, Kocani Orkestar, Boban Markovic Orchestra, Fanfara Tirana, Eva Quartet and Cafer Naziblas.


Claudio Prima: Organetto, vocals

Emanuele Coluccia: Alto saxophone

Andrea Perrone: Trumpet

Vincenzo Grasso: Clarinet, tenor saxophone

Gaetano Carrozzo Trombone

Morris Pellizzari: Guitar, Saz, kamalè ngonì

Giuseppe Spedicato: Bass

Ovidio Venturoso: Drums










“This is an interesting project that superbly integrates new composition with roots and demonstrates how easily music can cross national and linguistic barriers.” Michael Hingston Folk Roots (UK)


“Some orchestrations with clarinets remind me of those of the music of Nicola Piovani and the atmosphere is sometimes not that far from that of some films by the Taviani brothers..“ Jean-Luc Matte – Trad-Magazine (France)


” Bandadriatica puts together different elements not simply by sticking them together, but encasing them in a musical language that encompasses them. This goal has been achieved. The album interprets an extremely amusing and pleasant trip.” Welt-Musik Magazine (Germany)


“Astonishing, immensely vital is the crossing of killing odd up-tempos and common tempos, horn section is roaring and precise. In short: a magnificent turbulence, highly enriched by well written lyrics: C’è un mare da morire, noi partiamo.” Guido Festinese – Il giornale della musica (Italia)



Date: 17.07.2017      Time: 20.30     Heroes' Square - Limassol