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7th Ethnic Festival Cyprus 2012

This year's festival, organized for the 7th consecutive year, already gathers interest among World Music fans, as it contains well known bands and internationally acclaimed musicians.


The Rialto Ethnic Festival is an action and result of a musical movement, which has been a great success in the music world as well as in the European musical scene. Based on the hundreds of Festivals organized every year, one can see the evolvement of this kind of music, which keeps its locality and manages to be


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As a member of the European Forum of Worldwide Music Festivals (44 Festival members and over 2000000 spectators annually), RIALTO ETHNIC Festival shares the vision that the world is a mosaic of local traditions and music, although different in expression and content, equal though in value.


The festival this year, and ahead of EU Presidency of Cyprus, focuses on the special nature of Cyprus as a crossroad and bridge of continents andcultures, using its key position from where it derives its inspiration, highlighting at the same time its musical tradition.


The Ethnic Festival hosts this year, musical traditions of the Mediterranean and the Middle East, highlighting the common origins of the region. It also presents modern virtuoso musicians, renowned in the world music scene investigating, adopting trends and influences, creating colorful imagesthat go beyond boundaries and borders of any kind.


This year residency in Vasa and Kilaniou within the framework of the festival, and with a search to find a common musical tradition in the Mediterranean, Cypriot musicians Michalis Kouloumis-violin, Giannis Lembos percussion, Andreas Christodoulou - oud, Lefkios Demosthenous - song and Stavroula Kostanti - ney, will coexist for some days with worldwide musicians, Keyvan Chemirani from Iran - percussions and Kyriakos Kalaitzidis from Greece - oud.


This music co-habitation will take place at a tradition house in Vasa and will result to a concert at the Omodos’ Square on Thursday 5/7 and will be presented at Heroes’ Square on Friday 5/7.


The artistic director for the RIALTO theatre’s production / residency is Kyriakos Kalaitzidis. The performance in Omodos is a collaboration with the Community Council of Omodos.