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6th Ethnic Festival Cyprus 2011

With the completion of 5 consecutive years of the Ethnic Festival the RIALTO Theatre continues the development of this event by expanding and upgrading it with the addition of a Musicological Symposium organised in collaboration with the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture and focusing both on the theoretical interpositions and its musical happenings from the wider region surrounding Cyprus – the Mediterranean.


The geographical, historical and cultural relations of the Mediterranean countries are impressed in the musical traditions of Cyprus as well, and it is exactly this common historical starting points and relations in music and musical instruments of the region that the Ethnic festival wants to demonstrate this year, welcoming groups and musicians from countries that share the cultural heritage of the Mediterranean.


The festival does not, of course, rest only on the tradition and the past, but presents well known virtuosi musicians established in the international music scene that search, adopt influences and trends creating multicoloured performances that surpass boundaries and frontiers of all kinds.


The 6th Festival will take place during the month of July at Heroes’ Square in Limassol and various squares in Nicosia within the framework of the summer events of the Municipality of Nicosia and admission will be, as always, free.


The Symposium will also be addressed to the wider public combining the scientific musicological character with actions and practices that touch the intercultural dialogue. Its aim will also be searching, discussing and recording of the musical traditions of the Mediterranean showing the common starting points, courses, and mutual influences. Dr Kyriakos Kalaitzidis, from Thessaloniki, well known musicologist, composer and musician

(MediMuses, En Chordaes) is the collaborator and Artistic Adviser. Internationally acclaimed celebrities as well as personalities from the EU and Cyprus, municipal and government officials, musicians, teachers as well as members of the media will be invited to attend and support the Symposium thus helping in attaining the best possible results.


The renewed 6th Ethnic festival aspires to acquire a place in the international map of similar events as a festival with international interest and particular local mark, focusing on the distinct position of Cyprus as the crossroads and bridge between three continents and civilizations. Further than its contribution to the international musical events, the festival’s renewed trend, we believe, that it will contribute substantially to the presentation

of Cyprus as a place with strong musical tradition and a space for dialogue of cultures.