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11th Ethnic Festival Cyprus 2016

Rialto Theatre celebrates eleven years since it first introduced a series of open air, musical events on Heroes Square open to the public, and aiming at the development of the culture of tolerance and acceptance in a multicultural world. Ever since, the colourful Ethnic Festival grew and differentiated from its initial form, changing its name to Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival, yet remaining a meeting point for music groups and sounds of the world.


In 2011, with its integration in the European Forum of Worldwide Music Festivals, it mainly put its focus on countries of the Mediterranean and the Middle East, following the idea that a common approach and identity is determined by the geographical, historical and cultural relations between the countries of the region, recorded in their musical traditions.



Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival is one of the 11 Festivals of Cyprus that were honoured this year with their inclusion in the EFFE programme– Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe. This is a particularly important distinction for the Festival within the uropean cultural map, offering new perspectives for collaboration and further development.


Rialto Theatre transfers its main stage on the Square throughout the month of July, sharing music with a growing audience; Music originating from tradition, but with strong contemporary elements. The Festival showcases music performances with common origins and influences, drawing inspiration from every country’s tradition, mainly from the Mediterranean region, with Cyprus becoming the bridge amongst them.


All the events of the Festival will be free and open to the public and invite audiences of various ethnic backgrounds, either residents of Cyprus, immigrants or visitors, to join this colourful celebration of World Music and our multicultural world.



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